Power of 3 Processing Plus
Using ePower to fuel your business!

Power of 3 | Experienced Contract Processing
Why are you here?
  • Maybe you are here because you are looking for a new way to grow your business without increasing your fixed overhead costs
  • Maybe you are here because you are unhappy with your current processor
  • Maybe you are here because you can't afford a processor anymore
  • Or maybe you are here because your processor needs a back up
Whatever your reasons for coming here, we've got you covered. Our experienced and customer service-focused staff will handle your loans from application all the way through the closing and funding.

The truth of the matter is that you CAN'T afford not having a processing staff behind you! If you get caught in the processing trap trying to push your loans through the pipeline, you will not survive!

Outsourcing is an excellent way to cut fixed overhead costs and yet still have the support staff you need to focus on your business development.

We've got the Power you need to grow your business!
Our mission is to grow your business!

We pride ourselves in the fact that we enable our brokers to increase their levels of productivity, customer service, and volume. We utilize quality control checks throughout the process and a team-oriented approach, so our clients can feel certain that their loans will be closed quickly and professionally.
  • Close more loans in less time
  • Stabilize and increase your income
  • Reduce your monthly overhead expenditures
  • Use technology to give you power and create workflow transparency
  • Utilize our resources to gain experience
Having a strong processing staff behind you will make or break your business!
Customer service is the key to success!

We value the business we receive from our clients and we serve them with respect and provide them with the tools they need to grow their business.

Superior customer service allows you to separate yourself from the competition. As a result, your satisfied clients are more likely to return and refer more business to you.